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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be used for a variety of reasons to enhance your property:

Safety – to ensure safe passage throughout your property at night for you and your guests

Security – to provide light that illuminates areas where intruders might try to enter your property

Extended use – to make your outdoor living areas usable during the evening hours

Aesthetics – to enhance the beauty of your landscape at night and not only enjoy the beauty during the daylight hours. Get an entirely different landscape look at night while you entertain outside into the evening.

We have been iinstalling Landscape Lighting for over 20 years. Highlighting the most interesting features of your landscape we can design a system for you that will not only help make your outdoor space or garden more functional but also make it a beautiful place to spend time in the evening.

We hold all landscape lighting and low voltage licenses required by the state of Washington and the department of labor and industries.