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Using only materials from recognized manufacturers that will provide quality, durability, and peace of mind for you we provide all types of residential irrigation services that include installation, updating existing systems and providing maintenance and repairs. For more specific information on our services, please click on the tabs below.


Installing quality sprinkler systems since 1976, our goal is to install a sprinkler system that will last and perform for decades. We install high quality water efficient sprinkler systems to fit the needs of your landscape and budget. Using only quality products from well-established manufacturers, your sprinkler system will last for years with minimal maintenance. We are aligned with Saving Water Partnership to deliver and promote sustainability by using the most efficient sprinkler heads and controllers. During installation we are extremely careful to return your yard to its existing condition. Our impact on your existing lawns, shrubs and flowers is minimal. We pride ourselves on our ability to install a quality system without disrupting your yard, and one of our most frequent comments is how clean and neat the installation process was.

Maintenance and Repairs

We maintain and repair all types of sprinkler systems, whether the pipe is PVC, polyethylene, copper, or galvanized, we can do them all. Our services include regular maintenance that keeps your sprinkler system running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, if you have any unexpected problems during the season we will make sure we are able to come over and repair your system as soon as we can, which is usually within 24 hours.

Updating Existing Systems

A large part of our business revolves around updating and renewing older systems. Many times, this is far more effective and cost efficient than installing a brand new system. Our services for updating existing systems includes: updating from a manual to an automatic system, upgrading valves and sprinkler heads, and redesigning the system to be more efficient using the most current technology. We also try to tailor the updated system to your landscape, as it has undoubtedly changed over the years as well.

Spring Start-ups and Winterization

Soundview offers seasonal service for your sprinkler system by providing activation in the spring and winterization in the fall. During the spring we activate the system and perform necessary maintenance that includes cutting the sod around lawn heads, cleaning and adjusting nozzles, and fixing any immediate problems. This ensures that everything is working properly and helps keep your system working at maximum efficiency. In the fall it is advisable to winterize your sprinkler system so that no damage can occur during the winter months. Winterization also helps lengthen the life of your system. We offer two types of winterization: blowouts and draining, depending on the your current system.

If you have us perform these services you are added to an automatic service list for start-ups and winterizations, so you don't even have to remember to call.

Drip Systems

Drip irrigation is used for selected plants and landscapes or garden beds, when watering the entire landscape is not necessary. The most common application of drip irrigation is for use in freestanding pots or hanging baskets. Drip cannot be used for every circumstance, but where applicable we install the type of drip best suited for your garden area.  Whether it is deck pots, hanging or freestanding, or a bed you can be assured that the system will irrigate efficiently and the system will be set to the proper watering cycles.


We specialize in renovating exisiting landscapes, moving or transplanting shrubs and flowers, and redesigning outdoor areas as your needs change. We also install new lawns or overseed over existing ones depending on the situation. In addition to these services, we can also help you in selecting new plant material to enhance the look of your landscape.